Product Management Training

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Are you a product manager looking for tools to help you determine and quantify your customers needs? Have you been launching multiple product features but have had no success getting your product to sell as much as you’d like? Are your engineers pushing for features they feel certain will be successful but have no way to justify those claims? We understand the frustration of not finding the product that will take your company to the next level. It is based on this frustration, and with the help of multiple years of testing and going through this process with various companies in all industries, that we designed a step-by-step research process that is guaranteed to get the results you are looking for.

Throughout this course, we cover multiple tools that will transform your New Product Development process by using the most important data points when designing a winning product: your customer’s input. We focus on conducting research that is quantifiable, so every data point is comparable and easy to manage. The final deliverable you will be able to generate is a map that will make the decision-making process a breeze


  • Current product managers who are interested in designing and launching product or service features that are fully aligned with their customer’s needs.
  • Aspiring product managers that wish to understand the ideal process of gathering customer feedback to build product and process roadmaps
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to understand and conduct voice of the customer research to evaluate and quantify their potential customer’s needs to build a successful product.

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